Atlas úspěšných projektů spolufinancovaných
z Operačního programu Infrastruktura

Projekty pro zlepšení životního prostředí v České republice

The Operational Programme Infrastructure Passes the Baton

Projects supported from the EU from 2004-2006

The Operational Programme Infrastructure (the OPI) was one of five operational programmes in the Czech Republic during the 2004-2006 programming period. The drawing of subsidies under this programme was very successful. The programme’s global objectives were protecting the environment, improving the state of the environment and developing and improving transport infrastructure.

Over CZK 4 billion for the environment from 2004-2006

The environment was covered by Priority 3 – Environmental Infrastructure Improvement, implemented by the Ministry of the Environment and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (SEF). Municipalities and their associations, regions, state enterprises, organisations financed from the state budget, non-governmental non-profit organisations, state entities, and the organisational units of the state were eligible to apply for aid in the following areas:

The amount earmarked from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and designated to Priority 3 was EUR 193 483 171 (almost CZK 4 billion). 221 out of 699 projects that submitted applications were approved. The State Environmental Fund provided 10% co-financing to the supported projects and also granted loans. Almost CZK 542 million was provided to projects that were approved by the State Environmental Fund.

Calls for applications were announced between 2004 and 2006, while 2007 and 2008 were reserved for the finalisation of projects and their financing. 94% of all approved projects’ costs were paid to applicants.

The most support went to the Central Bohemian Region

The largest number of projects was implemented in the recovery of environmental functions of the landscape; nevertheless, the most costly projects were implemented in water management infrastructure, where subsidies totalled over CZK 2.2 billion. The distribution of funds is shown in the following chart and table.